MagPro Magnetic Acrylic Card Holders

Premium Protection for Your Valuable Cards

MagPro Product

Product Description

MagPro Magnetic Acrylic Card Holders are the premium storage solution for your collectible trading cards:

  • Designed with slide-in hinges and magnetic closure - no screwdriver needed
  • Uses UV-blocking additives to protect your card from harmful UV rays
  • Made with non-PVC materials to provide acid-free protection
  • Ideal for displaying prized and rare gaming cards
  • Holds standard size cards (2.5" x 3.5") with multiple thickness options
  • Diamond corners to keep card corners in mint condition
  • Frosted borders and ultra-clear materials for premium presentation


  • 100 for $1.50 Each
  • 1000 for $1.25 Each
  • 10,000 for $1.00 Each
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