MAGPRO Lucite Touch Magnetic Holder

The ultimate protection for your Sports and TCG cards.

MAGPRO Magnetic Card Holder Features

UV Protection

MAGPRO's holders are equipped with UV-blocking additives, ensuring your cards are protected from harmful UV rays.

Non-PVC & Ultra-Clear

Crafted with non-PVC, ultra-clear materials, providing acid-free protection while showcasing your card's true colors.

Easy & Secure Closure

Designed with a slide-in hinge and magnetic closure for easy access without the need for a screwdriver.

Corner Protection

MAGPRO holders are designed with diamond corners to ensure that your card corners remain in mint condition, safeguarding against damage and wear.

Surface Protection

Our magnetic card holders feature frosted borders and ultra-clear materials that not only protect but also enhance your card's surface from scratches and external elements.

Looks Great on Display

With a sleek design and premium presentation, MAGPRO holders make your valuable cards look even more impressive on display, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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